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DOOM Eternal executive producer says the game is coming to Switch 'a bit later' than other versions, no date announced

DOOMed to a delay
by rawmeatcowboy
21 January 2020
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Yes, DOOM Eternal is coming to Switch, but it's not going to be day and date with the other versions. In an interview with executive producer Marty Stratton, we find out that Panic Button is going to need some more time to squeeze everything into the Switch version they can. Check out what Mr. Stratton had to say about the situation below.

It's coming out a bit later than the current consoles and PC, and really that's just because we want to finish the game on those platforms and then give Panic Button the time they need to really pull those refinements into the Switch version. It's not going to be a huge delay, but we haven't announced the launch timeframe yet. Panic Button is a fantastic partner and are masters of the Switch.

We love Doom 2016 on Switch. Playing through on the Switch all the way from beginning to end was one of my favorite experiences. To have it handheld and mobile was phenomenal. I think that's what we're going to deliver with DOOM Eternal in all the same ways that all DOOM is fantastic on the current-gen platforms. We are very uncompromising in bringing it to Switch, and Panic Button is really on a great path.