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Platinum Games' website reconfirms announcement for Feb. 26th, 2020

Please be Viewtiful Joe 3...
by rawmeatcowboy
24 February 2020
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Platinum Games announced that they have 4 things to reveal in the near future, and they're teasing those reveals at the website. The first tease was for the Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter. Last week, we learned that the second reveal is coming on Feb. 26th, 2020, and the official Platinum 4 website now confirms that.

As you can see in the image above, the splash page for the Platinum 4 website shows the date of Feb. 26th, 2020 as being important. You might remember the reveal being teased for Feb. 27th, 2020 originally, but that's because it was referring to Japan. Here in the states, we'll get to see what's up late on Feb. 26th, 2020.

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