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Prototype for an unreleased Duke Nukem DS title discovered

Shake it, baby
by rawmeatcowboy
04 May 2020
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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass saw release on DS back in April 2011. The game was a side-scrolling shooter, rather than a first person adventure. While Duke got his start as a side-scrolling action hero, most people were familiar with the character from his FPS outings. That meant not too many people were interested in snagging Duke Nukem: Critcal Mass on DS.

Today we find out that there was almost another Duke Nukem game on DS, and it would have been a first person shooter. This would have no doubt sold better and got more attention than Critical Mass, but it was unfortunately cancelled. While the game never saw release, a playable prototype has surfaced, which you can check out in great detail through the video above. Looks like it was a somewhat promising start!