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Single-player magical adventure "Weaving Tides" heading to Switch

Washing over Switch
by rawmeatcowboy
26 May 2020
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Indie game publisher Crytivo today announced their partnership with Follow the Feathers to publish Weaving Tides, a unique adventure game that wraps Zelda-like dungeons, puzzles, exploration, and a mythical story together into a soul-soothing game experience.

Set in a world of magic and textile, the game urges players to dive into an enchanting, woven world and reveal its secrets. Players can stitch and cut their way through the landscape and wrap foes up tight using their unique weaving abilities. Of course, there's also plenty to explore and many textile puzzles to solve. Expect a charming storyline to tie you up, complete with odd characters, witty puns, and themes of family and morality.

About the game

Dive into a magical woven world on the back of your own carpet dragon! Explore the textile landscape, solve puzzles, challenge quirky creatures and unravel the great mysteries of a long forgotten past in Weaving Tides!

An adventure puzzle game that focuses on great feel!

Key Features:

Dive into an enchanting, woven world and reveal secret pathways.
Stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape and wrap up your foes using your Weaver's unique stitching abilities.
Solve tricky textile puzzles which are scattered across the world.
Conquer Zelda-like dungeons but beware of their fearsome guardians!
Befriend three different Weavers, choose the one that fits your playstyle.
Outfit your Weavers with mystic embroideries to enhance their abilities.
Uncover hidden mysteries packed in a charming story.

Collect, solve, and explore in a unique mythical world!