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Onion Games brings their next game, Mon Armour, to Nintendo Switch

by nintendaan
28 May 2020
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Mon Amour
by Onion Games \\ for Switch


Onion Games presents… a brand new insta-death kissing game!
One fateful morning, three love-hungry witches appeared before Baron Soisoir, of the Çavaçava Kingdom.
In an instant, all of the kingdom’s citizens were whisked away to Babastille, the world of nightmares.
It's your time to shine, Baron Beard! Rescue everyone with your kiss!


Onion Games
We are s small indie game developer based on Japan. Our works : Dandy Dungeon(Nintendo Switch, Steam) BLACK BIRD(Steam, Ninetndo Switch) / Awards:INDIE STREAM AWARD2016 "BEST OF ART"、BitSummit Volume 6 "VERMILIION GATE AWARD 2018"、"EXCELLENCE IN SOUND DESIGN AWARD 2018" Million Onion Hotel(iOS, Android) / Awards : INDIECADE 2014 Nominee、BitSummit 2014 "Media Highlight Award"、"Bitrider Popular Selection AWARD" wo The studio is making games with a unique world made by Yoshiro Kimura, Kazuyuki Kurashima and other lovely members! Hello everyone!! We are Onion Games! We love videogames!

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