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Crowdy Farm Rush arrives on Switch today

Being a farmer is not a piece of cake
by rawmeatcowboy
06 August 2020
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Have you ever considered leaving the busy and stressful city life behind and just moving to the countryside where you could finally slow down and find some peace? If so, you might want to try Crowdy Farm Rush first to make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for. This addictive indie game from Incuvo and 7Levels might make you reconsider your plans.


In Crowdy Farm Rush, your task will be to control hurrying, stubborn animals and bring them all back home. Sounds easy enough? Well think again, farmer, as you’ll have to be cautious so your lazy cows and fast chickens don’t collide – and that’s only the beginning! Making a dozen ducks march in a row, gathering a herd of pigs in a safe place, or controlling a stubborn donkey is all something that only an experienced farmer can handle without causing total chaos. Oh, and don’t forget that all the animals must be washed of mud before they enter the barn. And to top it all off, you’ll also have to handle one very hungry and incredibly determined coyote. A farmer’s life is definitely far from being boring.

DRAW PATHS TO FOLLOW: animals will walk any line you make for them. Show them their way home!

CLEAN UP THE MESS: farm residents are always on the move, walking across the meadow. Control the mess and guide them to their matching houses!

OVER 100 LEVELS TO WIN: complete all the challenges on your rancher career, visiting various farms!

BONUS LEVELS: beating levels will unlock bonus stages, where animals can bounce off each other when they collide – score as many points as you can!

COLORFUL ADVENTURE: play on meadows of various shapes, ones filled with rivers and footbridges, and during spring, summer, fall, or winter!

PLAY WITH FRIENDS: beat the levels together or find out who is the better rancher. Up to 4 players can compete at the same time!

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