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Polish retailer updates their website with multiple mentions of "Switch Pro"

The rumor persists
by rawmeatcowboy
22 September 2020
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Nintendo has never said the term "Switch Pro," but fans have adopted it as the name of the rumored Switch revamp that will supposedly offer more power than the Switch or Switch Lite. We're still waiting to see if the device actually exists, but as far as one Polish retailer is concerned, the name is the real deal.

Retailer Media Markt, which is actually quite big throughout Europe, has updated the Polish version of their site. Now when you search for Switch items on the site, you can find multiple instances of the phrase Switch Pro. It pops up when you're looking for the Switch itself, Switch software, and even accessories. This mention is in the header for each section, reading as Switch/Switch Pro.

Seems awfully odd for the retailer to add in this mention out of nowhere. Are they preparing for an announcement, cashing in on the hype, or sharing a bit of inside info?

Thanks to Donat for the heads up!