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Panic Button shares what they're most proud of in their Switch port of DOOM Eternal

The toughest project yet
by rawmeatcowboy
02 December 2020
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Bringing DOOM Eternal to the Switch might be the toughest port any company has taken on, but Panic Button was more than willing to give it a go. We don't know how the project turned out yet, but there's no doubt Panic Button is proud of their work.

In an interview with Ntower, Panic Button's Cody Nicewarner (Senior Producer) and Travis Archer (Lead Engineer) talked about what they're most proud of in their Switch port of DOOM Eternal. You can check out their answers below.

Cody: I think it’s almost as easy as saying the whole game. Because if you take it out of the dock and just hold it in handheld-mode, it’s just an incredible sensation just knowing you’re holding Doom Eternal and you can walk around your house or hop on a bus or a train and take it with you. And you compare that experience to the other platforms you have, that is just unique and having that in front of you on demand is in itself the best experience.

Travis: There is one level in particular that stands out for me: the mars core area. I won’t go into any spoilers if you haven’t played it, but it’s a very inventive level. The scope is huge and there is some technical challenges in supporting a level of that scope. So getting this to work was a particular challenge but it was very exciting when we finally got it to where we want it to be. That was a proud moment.