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*RUMOR* Animal Crossing hinting at Revolution future?

by rawmeatcowboy
04 January 2006
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Perhaps those ideas of a Revolution VR set aren’t too far off! This information comes courtesy of 4colorrebellion.

Hey, I only got Animal Crossing like a week ago but I've been playing it non stop since (great game!!!). Anyways, I know there are many secret/not-so-secret things hidden within the game, examples include one of my characters referring to an old friend who wore green and used to get objects from the sky using a boomerang (link), a red hat for sale in the tailors shop called big brothers hat and of course people referring to a beauty store called “nintendique”.

However it was only just recently, that I saw for sale in the tailors store and bought what was referred to as an HMD, it was clearly a Head Mounted Display and I instantly thought of the Virtual Boy… until I noticed some differences, slightly in design but mainly the fact that it was sporting a pearl white design extremely reminiscent of the Revolution's pearl white design. I looked at it very carefully and thought could this be the extra secret Miyamoto was referring to? To work alongside the controller? It did look like it would go very well with the console and the controller so I thought maybe… what do you guys think?

ac rev02

Animal Crossing HMD video

Just when we least expect it, more fuel is added to the VR fire. Let us remember, Nintendo does love to tease, as we have discussed a lot recently! Is this nothing more then a nod to the rumors that we have been working our way through the last few months, or is there something more?!