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Call of Duty: World at War - more Wii and DS details

by rawmeatcowboy
11 July 2008
GN 1.0 / 2.0

This info comes from Rich Farrelly, Creative Director and Noah Heller, Senior Producer. Some of this we have heard, some is new…


- they believe that the Wii hasn’t been pushed to its limits yet
- Wii version will support everything that is in the other versions
- there is a secret concerning co-op play, which is to be revealed later
- CoD4 engine on Wii reconfirmed
- camera and controls are taking a top priority “For example, if you’re climbing on a hill, in a game, you’d have to adjust the point of view manually… but that’s not as in reality, where you would instinctively look a bit higher over your head. That’s the kind of adjustment we’ve obtained working on cameras on Wii version.”
- more fluid movements for shooting
- Zapper support reconfirmed - details unclear, but you’ll be doing typical Zapper stuff (aim off-screen to reload)
- Main game runs at 30FPS, online is 30FPS as well


- online play
- combat system improved over last Call of Duty DS title
- DS touch-screen interactions “We can’t tell you anything, but let me tell you: it’s NOT just about cutting the right cable, turning off a device or a bomb… we want you to put your hands in the real war!.”

Huge thanks to our friends at NintendoMain for the heads up!