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EA's secret board hides names of Japanese devs they'd like to partner with

by rawmeatcowboy
03 September 2008
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“On that board are deals that we’ve contemplated, deals that we would like to make in the future, deals that we have in progress. It’s one big, kind of covered-in-cloth status board. We just keep track of what’s going on in various places in the world. Who’s signed with who. When such-and-such company might be available or free from an encumbrance that they might have with another publisher.”“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who might be on the board or who might not be on the board with regards to great organizations that are out there that don’t currently have relationships with EA… EA looks at the top 20 developers in the world and we try to sign anything those guys are working on.” - David DeMartini, EA

I wonder what’s really going on with that board. I bet it’s just a bunch of penis jokes that the office doodles during downtime. I’m onto your secrets, EA!