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Artix Entertainment releases browser-based MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds

by rawmeatcowboy
15 October 2008
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Artix Entertainment, creators of online, browser-based, role-playing games written for Macromedia Flash, today announced the release of AdventureQuest Worlds, its first 100% browser-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Widely known in the RPG fantasy sci-fi adventure world with over 60 million accounts created for their existing games during the past five years, Artix Entertainment believes its fan base will welcome their entry into the world of MMORPGs.

“Our Beta testers’ positive responses indicate our move into MMOs was the right decision,” says Daniel Vasile, Business Development Manager of Artix Entertainment. “We’re especially excited that AdventureQuest Worlds may be the first MMO developed by a small, family-owned game development studio. Our project shows MMO developers and players worldwide that a small, truly dedicated team can create a quality browser-based MMOG without spending millions of dollars.”

AdventureQuest Worlds, based on their first hit RPG AdventureQuest, provides players with exciting adventures battling armies of monsters in real-time combat and enjoying new weekly quests alongside thousands of other real players. Players can customize their characters with armors, capes, helms, and custom-crafted weapons from the Blacksmith’s Shop at any level. Players have the freedom to change among different character classes at any time, and can level-up all of the classes to the max to unlock new skills and specialty shops along the way.

Players have access to in-game, real-time chat, and can also communicate with the AdventureQuest Worlds development team on message forums to help shape the future of the game, reveal their adventures, and share their gaming experiences.

“One of the hallmarks of Artix’s games which our gamers anticipate is our commitment to weekly updates,” Vasile continued. “AdventureQuest Worlds players can walk around and fully explore a fun and magical world which is expanded every week. We’re proud of our consistent track record of listening to our players and responding quickly to their input, and we will provide that same level of response time in our MMORPG.”

Players can visit to sign up for an account and play online for free, No downloads required.

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