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GameStop testing prototype store design

by rawmeatcowboy
22 December 2008
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That’s looking pretty damn nice isn’t it? Not the usual GameStop decor your have grown accustomed to over the years. This is a new prototype GameStop in Gainesville, Florida. GameStop wants to give some new ideas a go, and see how they work out for both the consumer and employee. The blurb below is from the GAFfer that got to check out this new setup.

First off, it’s three times as large as a standard Gamestop, with two separate wood-inlaid counters and high-quality flooring. There were no less than EIGHTEEN separate demo kiosks around the store, including a giant custom kiosk for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Also littering the outer walls, amongst the games, stood high-definition touch-screen displays that you could browse the store catalog, as well as manually search for any title to check for a game description, price (both new and used), and whether or not the game is currently in-stock. Both these touchscreen displays and several of the kiosks feature those high-quality audio cone things mounted above.

The front of the store had several more high-definition displays showing the newest releases, and near the back was a four-person DS/PSP congregation with some spiffy modern-look red chairs.

Wow…I would love to see this near me. The local GameStop/EB Games here is completely out of date, and not nearly as big as it needs to be. Who knows…maybe by this time next year, these will be all over!