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Capcom comments on The Conduit and Spyborgs art direction

by rawmeatcowboy
04 February 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

All hail The Conduit. They’ve done some nice work…The Conduit has really solid tech and art direction. Beyond that, we don’t know much right now. We’ll see what the reviews and fans say in a few months. What people seem to be reacting positively to is the realistic art direction a la Halo/Resistance/etc. given that it’s has rarely been attempted on Wii. If that’s working for them, fantastic.

If you’re asking whether Spyborgs is going to go for a realistic art style, the answer is “no”. It will continue to have a stylized look… intentionally so. Okami, Zack & Wiki, Super Mario Galaxy, Madworld, De Blob, etc. are all beautiful games, without being realistic in their approach. Hopefully Spyborgs can approach the work the team has done on prior Ratchet & Clank titles, which also echewed the need for a realistic art direction to provide beautiful experiences.” - Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

I am really curious to see what the new Spyborgs revamp looks like. I was one of the few that didn’t have issues with the game the first time we saw it!