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Telltale looking into DSiWare, may bring Wallace and Gromit to Wii

by rawmeatcowboy
10 February 2009
GN 1.0 / 2.0

A portion of a Joystiq interview with Telltale’s Dan Connors…

J: Have you looked into DSiWare at all? Nintendo’s new DS handheld is going to have a digital distribution store similar to WiiWare.

: Yeah, I had just been told about that, probably a month ago, and it is certainly interesting. We are not DS developers, our internal staff doesn’t develop for the DS, but we are certainly interested in publishing towards it if we can find the right partners to take our content there. It’s just really a focus and putting the business plan together and understanding the economics of how it’s all going to work but it’s very exciting.

J: So in terms of bringing other products to the WiiWare channel specifically, you said that the look of Wallace & Gromit was kind of perfect for XBLA. Obviously the 360 is a more powerful console. Do you feel like the almost photo-realistic, claymation look of Wallace & Gromit, that you wouldn’t be able to do something quite so high definition literally and figuratively on Wii?

DC: As far as moving it to the Wii eventually, I think we need more space than the 40 megs that WiiWare would have allowed us to do the games, but as far as the quality of the graphics, it’s just about jumping through the technical hurdles to make it show well on the Wii as well. Bringing it to XBLA as the downloadable platform just really seemed like a good fit to try to execute what we were trying to execute. Now we can solve whatever issues the engine needs to solve around getting the same feel on Wii, with a little more space I think.

The full interview has a lot of discussion concerning Wii and WiiWare. Make sure to check that out right here