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Cobalt Flux's 'Dark Ops Wii Light Gun' looks badass, uses 'fresnel light-bending' tech so you can aim the gun instead of Wiimote

by rawmeatcowboy
11 March 2009
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The sleekest looking gun on the market, Cobalt Flux’s new Wii light gun gives you full access to all buttons on the remote with one hand while preserving realistic trigger action. Play both with a gun and a free motion nunchuck! Works with –every– game.

Comes ready to use with your Nintendo® brand Wii® remote.


• Preserves independent use of the nunchuck. Lets you play every game with a gun!
• Ergonomic Pistol Grip sits comfortably in your hand.
• Full Access to all the buttons on the Wii remote.
• Lock ‘N Load - Easy loading and unloading of Wii remote - loads like a clip.
• Double grips for one or two handed action.
• Great styling to match any game.
• Fresnel light-bending technology let’s you aim the gun instead of the remote.

Grab yours here (thanks CubeEnigma!)