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*RUMOR* Find out how many Wii units your Target is getting

by rawmeatcowboy
05 November 2006
GN 1.0 / 2.0

I’ll be damned if I know where this guy got his info, but I doubt it is fake. The only question is if it is the correct method of finding out Wii units coming to a store near you.

Example: 335 305 392 578 39 3

The first number (335 in the first row is the TARGET STORE NUMBER)
The second to last number (39 is the number of Wii’s that specific TARGET was allotted)

Another example : 336 202 296 3806 120 3 (so the Target store number is 336, and they will have 120 Wii’s)

Now that you know the rules, follow the thread that I linked, find your store’s specific number in the pages, and go to the numbered list to find the number of Wii’s your store has (by using the Target store number you just found)

Just follow the link below to the IGN thread, and head to the second page. You will start to see the numbers for stores, and hopefully you can find the Targets by you. Good luck, and thanks to PunjabiPlaya for the heads up!

All info here