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Level 5's press conference - massive info roundup (Fantasy Life announced, Ninokuni's massive DS cart, and much more!)

by rawmeatcowboy
25 August 2009
GN Version 3.1

Level 5 held a press conference tonight, and all the juicy tidbits have now hit the net. I’m bringing what I think is the best of the best info to you guys! There’s some really great stuff, so please make sure to check it out.

- 5,580,000 sales for the Layton series worldwide
- the fourth entry in the Layton series is kicking off the “Professor Layton Second Season” says Level 5
- Important tidbits from the for the 4th Professor Layton trailer: new character Remi (female) is show, Luke has the ability to see how the world will end, game takes place 3 years before the original Layton
- hits Japan on Nov. 26th
- Remi is voiced by Aibu Saki, and ending theme is sung by Ando Yuuko
- “London Life” is announced, working with Brownie Brown on the project
- “London Life” is said to resemble Mother 3
- “London Life” is a life sim with the goal of making people happy. Level 5 expects 100 hours of gameplay
- details from the Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva movie trailer (title is a rough translation): hits theaters in Japan on Dec. 19th, includes characters from the 4th game, involves a puzzle that grants eternal life when solved
- the studio behind the Pokemon films is working on the movie
- Level 5 has plans to make a film every Winter
- Inazuma Eleven anime was just renewed for 2 more years
- Inazuma Eleven 2 storyline includes aliens coming to earth to play soccer, and these aliens have special attacks that involve flying into space and kicking fireballs
- Inazuma Eleven 2 has 4 player local multiplayer
- due out October 1st in Japan
- the Inazuma Eleven manga is the most popular in CoroCoro comic weekly
- Nakata Hidetoshi (ex soccer player) to be in the game as hidden character Hide Nakata. He also lends his voice to the game
- Inazuma Eleven 2 has two versions, and each version will feature its own beginning and ending
- the tournament from the game is being turned into a real-life tournament
- Atamania games are getting word and math puzzle game sequels, as well as a “Mystery Room” sequel
- “Mystery Room” is about Pocho and Sly, two guys locked in the mysterious room
- details from new Ninokuni trailer - battles look similar to Dragon Quest, the mysterious land in the game is filled with dinosaurs and various creatures, due out Spring 2010 in Japan, female character voiced by Nagasa Masami, Oizumi You does the voice of “Gyro”, and main character Olivier is voiced by Tabe Mikako, music done by Hisaishi Joe
- Ninokuni will be on a 4GB ROM, making it the biggest ever for DS. This was done to fit the music on.
- Ninokuni theme sung is performed by “Mai” and written by Hisaishi Joe
- new game shown which is called “Fantasy Life”, which looks like a DS RPG (Famitsu says it’s for the DS - thanks Kadir!). Once again, Brownie Brown is involved, and 21 songs provided by Nobuo Uematsu. Each of the 21 songs pairs up with a character in the game, including their own small story and ending. These all lead up to the final ending for the game.
- rumored version of Inazuma Eleven for Wii is not ready to be shown
- TGS booth will have demos of Inazuma Eleven 2, Professor Layton 4, and more. DVD will be given out with game footage