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You can also connect to #gonintendo on irc.irchighway.net with one of these clients:
ChatZilla | Textual | HexChat | XChat | mIRC |

See this Google Doc for full rules.

Admins and Operators have the right to kick or ban a person for any reason. Room founder's word is final.

Changing Your Nick: Type /nick [new_nickname]

If your nickname gets changed to Guest, someone else on the network has registered it. Unless you own the nick, you'll have to pick another nickname.

To register a nickname, type /nickserv register [password] [email_address]
YOU DON'T NEED TO HAVE YOUR NICK REGISTERED TO BE IN THE CHATROOM. But, if you plan on being in the room often, a registered nick is recommended.

Once you sign on with your registered nickname you need to type /nickserv identify [password] before your nick gets changed to a Guest nick.
Joining Another Room: Type /join #[channel_name]
You can switch between rooms you've joined by using the tabs at the top of the chat application
Identifying Ops: Ops (Chatroom Moderators) have a @, !, ~, star, or key symbol (depending on what client you're using) next to their name in the users list. Treat them with respect, and they will do the same to you.