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I've been playing some BoxMaker on Steam.
I want to crap on this game, I really do. It's a bad game that does very few things right, and it deserves to be crapped on, yet I've put more time into this game than I ever should have. It's basically a complete rip-off of Super Mario Maker by some Chinese dude(s) and I don't know how or why Nintendo hasn't gotten it taken down yet. As far as building levels, anything you could do in the basic Super Mario Maker game (like, Super Mario Maker as it was shipped, meaning almost nothing that was added in later through updates, such as checkpoints) but they screwed up on one very important thing...the controls. Nintendo has nearly perfected the controls in 2D platformer games, so if you're going to rip-off their ideas, the least you could do is try to mimic the controls as closely as possible, and this game just doesn't even try to get that right. So everyone is having a ball making levels inspired by "kaizo " Mario levels, but with no checkpoints and sloppy controls on top of that, they're just not very fun to play.


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