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Thu Nov 17 16 02:15am
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I actually enjoyed the Singleplayer. Yes it was buggy, everything felt a little dated and the story was trashy, but overall, a few Reviewers overreacted here. The biggest mistake was to release the Game at a full price. It was even more expansive than a lot of First Party Titles from Nintendo. The pricing was a huge problem. I picked up the Game brand new for only 10 Euros by the way.

The Game itself is everything NoA despises. There is still so much Howard Lincoln in the structure of NoA, even if Devil's Third was a more polished product, NoA would still despise the Game for everything it represents.

I wasn't able to play the Multiplayer for too long. The Servers were dead with the exception of a few desperate Hardcore Player. But I actually liked the concept. It was simply ruined by the microtransaction and pay to win methods. Not a very smart move by Itagaki.


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