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Fri Nov 18 16 12:39pm
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You mean where they dig up posts from Wii era where she was reporting what she was told and very few recent posts where she flat out said things could change or that certain things were maybe going to happen but weren't confirmed?

Or maybe the posts where she didn't actually say the things GAF says she did?

We'll just gloss over the Switch stuff because Mother 3 still hasn't come out or Zelda doesn't let you play a girl.

She has almost 80% of the time been right, but literally every time one of those things is wrong everyone flips their shit about how wrong she always is.

But I mean, okay. Could just not read rumor posts in general. A lot of the recent ones aren't even just her, but Eurogamer & that girl from that website I forget the name of. And they have been right.


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