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Fri Nov 18 16 12:40pm
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Her reputation is more or less 50/50 (to be conservative, since I don't remember everything she's said), with her accuracy in regards to the Nintendo Switch stuff (when major sites will be revealing their info, when Nintendo would make the announcement themselves, what to expect from the system) being incredibly on-point. Her saying that we'd get that NS trailer hours before Nintendo themselves confirmed it, and the content of the trailer itself, was pretty much her redemption hour in my eyes.

It also helps that her recent rumors have been backed up by Laura Dale over at LPVG, who has been pretty accurate herself. I trust Emily's info at the moment, so no need to stick the fork on reporting her statements. (Though in general, I want the rumors to stop right now. We're a month away from the blowout reveal and I actually want to be completely surprised this time.)



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