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Sat Nov 19 16 10:25pm
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Pokemon Moon!
After the very mediocre Pokemon X/Y, and then going back to trying Pokemon Red for the first time via 3DS Virtual Console and not enjoying it at all, I thought I had outgrown the Pokemon series and was ready to move on. But then along comes this game, and it seems they've got their crap together. They made some great changes.
So I decided to rush through it. Normally I'd talk to every NPC I see, but this time I'm just like screw it, I'll do battles when necessary and grind when I have to, but I'm not reading hundreds of lines of text that aren't going to tell me anything useful.

The graphics are not bad (they kinda have a PSP look to them, if that makes sense) and this is kind of how I expected Pokemon games on 3DS to look like from the start. Unfortunately there is no 3D effect and even without 3D the game's frame-rate takes a big hit when battling with more than two Pokemon on screen at once. It's very disappointing.

The music...is there. I've never been big on the music of this series and this game didn't change my opinion, so I can't say if it's good or not. If you liked the music in previous games I don't see why you wouldn't like it here.

Battles can get really tedious sometimes. I hate just walking through grass, a wild pokemon appears, I'm close to whooping its ass and am gonna try and catch it...and then it calls for backup. And when the backup arrives you can't use a pokeball until you beat one of them and it's back to a one vs one battle. And these sons of bitches will call for backup more than once during a battle. But they improved the UI in battles, and it was all for the better. You now just have to tap the Y button to use a Pokeball, and if you're battling a Pokemon that you've beaten previously, it will now show you what moves you have are most effective against it.

There's also a Pokemon Refresh thingy, where after battles you can interact with your Pokemon via the touch screen and clean them up and feed them berries...almost like Pokemon meets Nintendogs. I don't bother with this feature too much.

Overall it is a damn fine game. I'll most likely have it beaten tomorrow.


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