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The problem is that a lot of rumor mills tend to go with safe leaks, such as an announcement of a Mario game at launch of a system. A lot of rumors are also broad, such as specs or future game titles or even sequels of popular games. With the general obviousness of a lot of rumors, its incredibly easy to rack up "credibility" by being right.

On the other hand, the more outlandish rumors end up not being true at all. Yet, people brush these off as if it doesn't impact credibility. Something the rumor mills will just brandish it as a "cancelled" project or an "idea" that never got the green light.

Emily Rogers is notorious for her Project Cafe rumors where she ended up being wrong on most of them. She claimed she would delete her account if any of her rumors were wrong. Obviously, that was a ruse to get main stream attention where a user would be gone from the internet. It's classic click-bait.

Here's the flaw with your logic - you're already admitting at least 20% of her rumors are completely false. That alone should discredit someone IMO. At that point it becomes a spin the rumor wheel.


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