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I finally played Kersploosh! after avoiding it for so long because it looked like muff cabbage.
Most people view Pokemon Go or Miitomo as Nintendo's first real attempt at getting into the mobile market (even though they've been on mobile before that). I say it was this game. Even though it is available on 3DS and not mobile, I think they used this game as their first real attempt at trying to see if they could do something simple and cheap.
The "story" of this game is not important, and it changes depending on the object you choose. I will use the default rubber ball as an example, since it's available from the start: a woman ordered a rubber bouncy ball and soon after, her daughter became ill and her husband left her, so she blames it all on the rubber ball and she throws it down a well. Then you are controlling the ball as it's falling down the well and your goal is to make it to the bottom of the well while hitting as few objects as possible on the way down. For some reason there is crap like cookies and donuts you must avoid. This is really what Nintendo thought mobile games were in 2013. They didn't know you could play mobile games with just as much depth to them as a retail 3DS game.
Not a whole lot of replay value here. 10 stages and they all look very similar and all can be finished in barely over an hour. You can compare high scores via Street Pass but that isn't much.


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