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Sun Dec 04 16 10:03pm
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Let's try that again.

So what I was trying to talk about was the page you are redirected to when you click "View All" under "My Discussions" in the right side bar. (This page: http://gonintendo.com/discussions )

As it is set up currently, every single response in a thread is listed separately. If I comment in a popular thread (something with 40+ replies for example) it makes it quite difficult to find less popular posts.

What I was wondering was if sorting discussions in a different way was possible. I was thinking you have each story title listed just once, and you could click on the title to see all new comments to that story. That way, instead of being blasted will every comment from every story you comment on, you can pick and choose which story's comments you want to be presented with.

Does that make sense?