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Thu Dec 15 16 01:20pm
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Y'see, what I'm worried about is all our existing Wii/U tech. Wii U worked with pretty much everything made for the Wii, and now not only do we have all those Wiimotes and Nunchuks and Classic Controllers out there, we have Wii U Pro Controllers and GamePads and GameCube adapters. When I saw the Switch bringing out its own Pro Controller with practically no change aside from swapping the diamond and right stick, I just thought, "Wait, but we already have the Wii U Pro and the CC/Pro before that. What's that gonna mean for all the stuff we already have?"

Part of why I don't wanna move onto the Switch is because the Wii U had started to unify all of the existing Nintendo tech we've all accrued from the GameCube onward into a single ecosystem. It really felt like a "Super Wii" in that regard. It was a culmination of every form factor and piece of tech we'd been using for the past decade and things were starting to standardize. It just feels like Switch is gonna throw out all that old tech. I'd feel a lot better about things if we had some reassurance that all our old peripherals will still be useful.


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