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The Legend of Kusakari on 3DS.
If you were to just look at the logo of this game and then read this sentence where I'm about to tell you this game was inspired by The Legend of Zelda series (as if you couldn't tell by the name) you might be ready to boot up the 3DS eShop and get ready for some Action/RPG goodness. Well, hold your horses because that isn't what you're gonna get. To be more specific, this game was inspired by the grass cutting you do in Zelda games, not by anything else the Zelda series is loved for.

The levels will consist of a field where soldiers are sword fighting or guards are on patrol or slimes are just...doing what blobs of slime do. You basically just cut all the grass while avoiding touching the guards/sword fighters/other enemies because they can't be killed and you must do it quickly because your health starts depleting as soon as the level starts.

There is some humor in the game, too. The devs knew just the concept of the game sounded silly, so there is very little story here and its not at all meant to be taken seriously. The music is bad too, but it's done on purpose.

I don't know the exact number of levels, but it says there are over 50 of them and after a couple of hours of playing I'm closing in on level 30. To add on a bit to the replay value there is an endless mode and online leaderboards. Overall for $5 I think it was worth it.


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