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Fri Jan 06 17 09:46am
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They are not going to bring up the 3ds because they don't see it as a gaming console. But yet if Vita was still alive kicking omg they would be talking about it kicking ass ect. For a dead system you don't hear them bashing it like they do with Wii U. But again they have to play it safe since they are on a Sony fan talk show but have no problem bashing us when Brian Altano talks ill on NVC about Wii U. 3ds beats PS2 sales no talk & again Vita alive & sells over Wii U omg Sony is KING!...Smh! Anyway....

RMC you did what you had to do & awesome take on it. So lets all wait for Nin to offically come out & state what the Switch is instead of jumping to clickbait which ''IGN'' & other do to get views.