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Fri Jan 06 17 10:38am
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first of all VR is not doing well. Penetration is pathetic (they are still creaming the bloody idiots) price is prohibitive, there are no games you NEED to play on VR, there are fatigue limitations and a myriad of problems that made the playstation VR launch a disaster. VR is not going to become mainstream in this generation so the switch can say off VR without a major loss.

I agree with RMC in most of his points, yet I believe you have both missed the mark as there are other problems that Nintendo need to consider that could be impacting the switch sales. There are A LOT of long time fans who are disappointed with the WiiU and are NOT willing to spend more money on a console no one knows how well it will sell. Personally I have been a late adopter of sony and M$ consoles and an early nintendo adopter, I have NEVER felt more cheated about a console that not even nintendo managed to keep their promises. I believe I paid too much for a console that did not deliever and I was a happy early adopter of the N64 and GC consoles. So trust me if there is one problem impacting sales on day one,it is the existing long time customer dissatisfaction. Nintendo NEED to give an inentive to wiiu owners to get the switch day one, else they may not be getting the initial momentum they want. (AND need for the 2nd wave third party support)

Just something else I need to point out about the creation of a legion of sony "fans" who review games. Sony was (and still is from what I hear) VERY generous with the press. When the PSP launched, they gave each reviewer the console and the game for free TO KEEP and if the game had multiplayer...they gave them TWO consoles and TWO games for them to review. Nintendo NEVER EVER did anything similar and I believe this is one of the reasons you get a lot of praise for mediocre sony products (ie Move - have spent a lot of time with move games, you can NOT play okami with that button placement) and be overly harsh on the kiddie image nintendo have.

and that comes from someone who has been VERY critical to nintendo because I am a nintendo gamer and I DO care and I ironically I have recieved nintendo promotional material for free and not from sony or mirosoft.


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