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Fri Jan 06 17 12:27pm
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I completely agree with what you are saying (even on a broader less game-centric scale.) Perception and believing what one wants to believe seem to be more important to people than actual facts and truths now.

That said, I still stand by what I said. Whether it's wanting a game because your perception of it or wanting it because it's actually a high quality experience, if one wants to buy and play games available on Switch, they'll buy a Switch. In the end, that's the only "incentive" that will matter.

Take the 3DS for example. It sold well enough throughout its life, but has seen an uptick in the last 6 months. Why? It's not because Nintendo gave some sort of "incentive" to disaffected past DS owners. It's because these new adopters wanted to play Pokémon games available for the system, so they took the plunge. Content is king.