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nintendo have never hyped like other companies have. Yes there have been a few good videos here and there, but the in your face "YOU GOT TO BUY THIS" is not their strategy. With the switch, they made a good impression yes and it is true that there is a good wind made by the popularity of pokemon go that keeps the nintendo brand in the spotlight (though as RMC said, they are not involved with go at all) but the 3DS had huge lines on E3, people were very excited to play with the console...everyone (including myself) thought, this will sell like hot cakes...

...and then the console launched without any proper games, people did not buy it. So what happened? Price drop, lots of support from nintendo, promises WERE kept from nintendo, third party support,sales started picking up, GOOD third party support and TODAY we see the 3DS being oe of the most sought after items on ebay, with a gamestop price of 170Eu (true story) and a MATURE platform with GOOD third party games that will keep selling for at least 2 more years.

WiiU. Initial launch with no big nintendo names, lots of inferior third party ports. Too expensive based on the competition (remember that part, you can get a new xbox one today at 200 eu) . Nintendo failed to keep their promises, games like pikmin 3 were slipping, third party explusives turned to multiplatform + release delays, people were putting the purchase on hold, third party cancellations and...Nintendo PULLED OUT after mario kart 8. This is what made wiiu owners feel cheated and this is what makes them reluctant to purchase day one. A disaster of a story with dissatisfied customers who wish they bought a wiiu cheaper and people who did get it cheaper only to wait for a switch price cut. None of these groups are willing to become early adopters.

So even if the new launch (good move!) mario makes my jaw drop like 3D world (loved that game!), even if we get to see 5 year old ports (skyrim) on the system, the console will be a tough sell to wiiu owners unless there is a NEW experience that IS a big budget game and nintendo gives all wiiu NIDs something on switch for free. The way I see it, hype notwithstanding, there is no way for not even nintendo to predict switch sales.

my two cents.