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many thanks for that effort rmc. I was wondering if the "artistic" bs was still going on,and yes it is. Janky ? oh yeah so that show was all the nintendo bash conveniently in one place. Kudos for sitting through all of this
it's just simply astounding to me that resolution is a given valid point but try pointing to maybe you know... all those shooters look the same , and that's lunacy ! like what is so great about zooming on a tiny point to get a small object to valid your shot.
it's stunning to me that none of this pro website took the side of "hey you know there's a point to that "high price" of 10 bucks.
so all nintendo has to do to convince this guy, is to bring back megaman in a valid form. yeah ... why ?
anyway yes uncharted and halo are the main "draw" of those systems, and I actually like halo . for having both which I think was the question.
it was a great video, great work