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Mon Jan 09 17 03:15am
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I was going to be annoyed but...considering that this is a March release with 2 million sales planned worldwide by the end of that month (which will probably be about...2 weeks)? Unless it instantly catches, it doesn't seem like it would be that hard to get a hold of. For the sake of comparison, the PS4 did 4.2 million in a month during the busy shopping season that is November and December, so I think 20 units per store will probably hit demand in what is a much slower sales period. Maybe Nintendo is underestimating demand, but it's hard to say if that's the case until pre-order numbers come in. Will eat crow if the Switch does take serious effort to find.

At the very least, this isn't on the level of "every store only has two or three" that the NES Classic was. Still have no clue what that madness was all about.