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Honestly, I don't see there being a HUGE rush for this in March, as the holidays are over, and most people just aren't going to spend big dollars at this time of year on a device like this.

Now on the other hand, I never subscribe to the idea of the intentional shortage theory, as I just don't think "N" is that smart, sad to say. But, in this situation of a worldwide release, I could see stock being low, as there is no reason to flood store shelves at this time of year, as it's not Christmas, and they don't want another 3DS situation. System sitting on store shelves immediately gives the impression of not a lot of interest, so over stocking won't do them any favors in this situation.

So unless little Johnny or Sally has a Birthday around this time, only the real hardcore/fanboys are going to bother buying this, but if inventory is low, it may create a false interest, just by not being available.

I'll grab a pre-order if possible, as I would love to sale one of these at a mark up if that indeed happens, but I have no plans to buy one for personal use for a very long time, or at least until I know it will have proper support. Which I don't see happening for a few years at least.