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ai rorel
Mon Jan 09 17 09:27am
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I don't think I understand consumers whatsoever anymore...
Wii does well despite initial low stock. Most gamers ignore it because "gimmick" and "ugh popular with plebs" and "no good games".
Wii U releases and does awful despite high stock. They blame "its stupid name" and "poor gimmick".
Wii U bundles release with Twitter-and-news-popular Mario Kart 8 - low purchases in holiday season. Little to no response, but still claim that "Wii U isn't worth owning yet".
Amiibo releases stock in relation to purchased Wii U units sold and general estimation of consumers. They claim "intended low stock to increase artificial demand" and "they'll never buy Nintendo products again".
Splatoon is hyped across the board - booming in Twitter and Tumblr - Wii U's don't sell come holiday season. They say that "Wii U's aren't worth owning at this point" despite claiming that with every major title release.
Apologies for amiibo given and promise to restock. They claim that "Nintendo lied" because restocks weren't there within two weeks of the announcement.
Amiibo restocks arrive in large numbers and now are overstocked. No one buys them anymore and they drop in price.
NES Classic edition is released in low stock because it was fair to consider it a novelty. They yammer "artificial demand" and claim "you lost a customer".
3DSs sell out in every retail in response to holiday demand for Sun / Moon. No response from most, but some yell that it was "stupid that Nintendo didn't expect this" despite very high stock of 3DS units.

Switch is rumored to have low, but not Wii low, stocks. People rage.

20 per store is a bit ridiculous. But 100 per store would be Wii U all over again. 30 would be safe.
Nintendo is known for playing it "too safe" with their consoles in design and marketing... Yet people still act surprised when their supply and sales reflect that philosophy.

People claim everything is Nintendo's fault.
But their main interests lie with 3RD parties, which tend to avoid putting games on Nintendo consoles for every reason OTHER THAN what the consumers blame Nintendo for.
People claim to never buy Nintendo again.
Argue when Nintendo sells something new.

Don't. Understand.