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Ah Conspiracy Theorists. For one thing, GameStop has over 7,000 locations. Including their online store that means they're getting an allotment of about 150,000 units. I don't know about where you live I have 6 retail chains around me that sell videogames and their systems. So say on average they get the same allotment as GameStop that's nearly 1,000,000 units.

It's not the Holiday season. In the entire March of 2016 NPD reported less then 900,000 gaming systems sold. That's PS4, PSV, PS3, XBO, 360, WIIU and 3DS combined. Guess what the best selling system did? PS4 managed around 350,000. Rumor also has it by the end of March Nintendo will be shipping 2 million units. Guess what that means Nintendo sold those. Guess who benefits more from news there's hoing to be a shortage and should come in and Preorder?

Also, March 2011 saw the 3DS release which only managed about I think 700,000 units sold between March and April. So everyone really needs to stop thinking Nintendo makes artificial demands... If this was the holidays maybe, but even then lost revenue/profits is not good for a Public company. Everyone will no doubt point to the NES thing, but seriously I'm not the only one that was surprised that this thing took off. You have so many people talking specs and 4k/HDR or even VR gaming with power systems and wanting all new games and experiences yet you expected Nintendo to want to have surplus stock that would "sit and collect dust" of a let's be honest Novelty Item that emulates 30 pixelated games which are also found in a myriad of units just like it not to mention Nintendo's very own eShop?