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If anyone ever looks at "N" objectively, you can see this has been their mindset since FOREVER!

Yamauchi was a shrewd business man, and while he was pretty "hard" in relation to most things, everyone under him has been doing the same ever since. That is why when they make hardware, it is only for them and always has been.

That is why with each new generation they lose more 3rd party support. 3rd parties don't have the time anymore to sit around and "figure" out hardware, they are trying to make money same as "N".

Until they sit down like Sony did with the PS4, and ask others what they need and want, they will continue to fail in overall support. At one point and time, they could do things alone, but those days are over.

Yamauchi has been gone awhile, but the mind set has never left. Maybe he was to blame, maybe not. Iwata should have fixed these issues, but he did not, and this company has suffered ever since.

I'm glad to see a interview like this, as it shows what I've personally known for a long time.