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Wed Jan 11 17 02:46pm
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I am so not a fan of VR! I hope Nintendo doesn't put too much money in that sink hole. Way way too many barriers of entry and nothing has of yet made me think that some games would be better in VR.

Trying it 15-20 minutes for fun and giggles, sure why not but I don't see myself getting excited to the point of wanting to put those goggles every time I want to play...

I tried the PSVR and Vive and it didn't click. I smiled but there is so much ways to break the immersion it isn't even funny. Also, the people I know who own a headset don't play them anymore or used them only to watch friends and grandma play.

A Google Cardboard type of headset? Meh, at least it won't cost 800$

I'm excited for fun games I can share with people in the room with me!


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