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Wed Jan 11 17 02:50pm
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I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't release some kind of cheap VR solution for the Switch.

People seem to love everything related VR. It doesn't need to good. Everything VR has done until now has been, honestly, utterly S***T. But because of the hype and because of the Youtubers making videos about it screaming at the screen sayings it's awesome, EVERYONE loves it.

So just make some plastic case so people can use VR cellphone style and everyone will be happy and think it's the best most revolutionary thing in the world.

Gamers nowadays are an ignorant crownd you can easily control with stupid VR gimmicks and by giving money to Youtubers so they can make brainwash all the Internet for you.

Really, that's about it... Give free s***t to Youtubers and the Internet is in your hands, end of the story.