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Too much stuff to break the immersion like the absence of physicality (not feeling hits for example), the absence of force (no gforce in tight turns or acceleration in racing games) and the unrealistic way you can move are some ways I get brought out of the game.

I played a Resident Evil demo and being able to just put my head through the crazy girl just made everything fall apart. I could also look inside my own shoulder. I know that when you play a game you have to "put yourself in the game" but it's too easy to break the magic for me. Turning full speed in a Ferrari while going down a hill made me feel weird because there were some forces missing. Also, my face was dripping with sweat. :P

I get the possibility of an "experience" but that is not really gaming for me. You lose all of the social aspects. I like to play in my living room and still be able to easily answer the phone, get a drink, talk to my friend etc. The sense of place is a fun experiment but does not take a huge part in what makes a game fun for me. When I'm always getting reminded that I'm not there and that it is virtual, it breaks the illusion for me. I was more immersed when I played Oxenfree.

I'll take a movie or virtual "experience" in VR before a game any day.


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