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Wed Jan 11 17 07:26pm
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I have this game for N64. Loved it so much. Finished it and errr yeah I won't rebuy such games I own on VC...

Now what would be great is if Ninendo made a TOKEN SYSTEM where by maybe some peripheral that attaches to WiiU BY USB(and SWITCH)u plug in a cart....and it knows you own that game on cart and you download the game for FREE. Same for NES,SNES...and a disc thing in this same peripheral for Gamecube and Wii Games. Same for Wiiu games to SWITCH perhaps.

I been thinking of a such a thing for years. It can be done technically. The exact details of how the technical geniuses would have to work that out. heh.

But the basic premise i think is a solid idea.
Of course they wont do i....it wont make them any money. heheh ;)