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Wed Jan 11 17 07:39pm
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Me too NIGHTS OWL I hate VR.

However recently (shown at CES 2017) saw these: https://youtu.be/gOhd3vPN3EM ....If Nintendo did a thing where it is AR with shades as tiny a normal sized ones AS THOSE ARE....THEN I AM DEFINITELY IN!!! If it is as the patent shows...putting the SWITCH inside that thing like googles cardboard...i ain't playing any VR Nintendo games period. So if they have VR exclusives i will miss out ...i want to play the games traditionally. Don't want to play with a VR headset.

If they are going to join the current VR band wagon with huge headsets....fuck that. If they adopts an AR with a normal sized shades/sunglasses size with head tracking too maybe...oh oh imagine Metroid like that.. YEAH. I can still see in the real world but i'm also immersed in the game world ..PERFECT.

It would be smaller and more comfortable plus if it MORE AR I can still see with my own natural eyes.
That would be awesome....VR with these huge headsets COVERING your eyes.

I thought it was only me not taken in by this VR craze..and ignoring the simple fact of being electronically blindfolded. The experience could be as fun and immersive as ever ...BUT me personally does not like the fact that it blindfolds me from the real world so i cant see shit and i have to constantly wear this THING on my head that is relatively massive.

Nobody seems to think that is a bad thing? Locking you out from the natural world. What 's next jacking us into the matrix?

Oh I know more but people do not like it when you get DEEP. heh Peace.