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evan stoopeeder
Sun Jan 15 17 04:34pm
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For Wii U owners there's basically no reason to buy a Switch before the holidays. It's too bad. If only they'd had one big title for launch. Mario Odyssey. Metroid. An actual new Mario Kart. F-Zero. Something else. Star Tropics, Mother 3, the Rabbids crossover. Final Fantasy.

Zelda, of course, is going to be fantastic. But I've got a Wii U for that.

On topic, yeah nice (MK8 Deluxe), and the game deserves some more sales. But I'm single player these days, the battle mode does nothing for me. The only thing I'd have cared about are new tracks. I can play the existing ones blindfolded by now, buying again would be just pointless.
And MK8 Deluxe means another thing: MK9 is likely some years away Sad


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