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Wed Jan 25 17 07:47pm
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Really? Really? You're blaming "whiny self-proclaimed true gamers" for the fact that the Wii U version lost its Gamepad functionality? That's such a reach, I feel like your arms must be as long as an Orangutan's!
Not only does this assume that the Switch version came into existence because of "whiny gamers" rather than the failure of the Wii U itself, it also assumes that feature parity was done because of these "whiny gamers". And both of these assumptions are just... wrong. Come on, you're barking up the wrong tree here. If you want to point any fingers, point them at the people who actually made the decision to have a dual release for the game and have feature parity among these two versions

Then again...

Looks like the real Nintendo did die with Iwata. This spineless mutt isn't gonna do anything now but scurry behind Microsoft and Sony with its tail between its legs because that's what self-proclaimed "true gamers" want. Pathetic. This industry's gone to the dogs.
You do seem to point the finger at management! But wow, so much anger... And everybody's to blame, huh? I suggest you sit down, drink some nice hot relaxing tea, and ask yourself why you play games in the first place. This game is still the same. Yeah, it's a shame the Gamepad features are gone, but are you really this upset because of the lack of a map on the Gamepad? Are you really?


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