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Wed Jan 25 17 08:00pm
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I am.

Because this is just the cherry on top of the pile of reasons why I think the Switch is not an adequate replacement for the Wii U. From the paid online to the lack of second-screen functionality to the removal of Miiverse to the destruction of BC with any and all existing games and peripherals to the shift of focus from casuals to eSports, this is not a Nintendo system. I don't care if that's how it's branded, I don't care if there are Nintendo games on it. This flies in the face of Nintendo's entire philosophy for the decade prior to this. The existing ecosystem is gone and features have been outright removed for the first time since the GameCube. Gamers got their "traditional Nintendo system" ('cuz that totally worked so well against the PS2) and I lost the only manufacturer with any goddamn balls.

This is the same culture that'll salivate over the $800 package of a PS4 Pro with PSVR and yet a largely traditional controller with a screen in it was too much of an "expensive gimmick" for them. And for years I've been meekly saying, "C'mon, can someone just give it a chance?" But now? No. I'm goddamn infuriated, because what I wanted got thrown by the wayside. I've been wanting another screen-controller console since the Dreamcast went under and this is four years of rage at the Wii U being ignored and mocked boiling to the surface. You always hear whinging for wanting the option to continue using traditional controls. Where's my goddamn option to keep using this kinda stuff, huh?

Switch is a goddamn half-measure created by a whipped and neutered Nintendo. Am I supposed to just sit back and accept this because my wishes don't align with what self-proclaimed "true gamers" want?

Those bastards were too busy mocking and resenting anything with Wii branding to stop and consider if there was anyone who believed in it. Well I did. I believed wholeheartedly in the Wii line and the philosophy of the Nintendo behind it. And in the past few years I've watched it get @#$!ing stomped on. If no one else is gonna get angry at the loss of that Nintendo, then I will. This is my turn to get pissed.


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