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Wed Jan 25 17 08:23pm
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"the shift of focus from casuals to eSports"
Huh? Not sure I get this one. Are you saying 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips are eSport games?

"This flies in the face of Nintendo's entire philosophy for the decade prior to this"
Which is? Because as far as I can tell, their philosophy is about making fun games, and last I checked, they are still doing that.

"and I lost the only manufacturer with any goddamn balls."
Because making the Switch didn't take balls? They're actually taking quite some risks with this system

"This is the same culture that'll salivate over the $800 package of a PS4 Pro with PSVR"
Uhm, no. Hardly any Nintendo fans here have bought nor want the PS4 Pro + PSVR. And it's obvious Nintendo isn't going for that crowd either. The Switch is vastly underpowered compared to a PS4 Pro

"C'mon, can someone just give it a chance?"
Yeah, nobody gave it a chance but you.

"You always hear whinging for wanting the option to continue using traditional controls. Where's my goddamn option to keep using this kinda stuff, huh?"
At least you seem to implicitly agree that you're the one whining here.
And the fact the Gamepad is gone now has nothing to do with whiny gamers. It's simply because it never took off. It wasn't a success. And you can attribute that to a lot of things, but to blame "whiny gamers" is not really the right thing here.
Same can be said about... Virtual Boy, for example. It failed horribly, and they never revisited that. Not until it became more viable, anyway, if you want to count the 3DS.

"Switch is a goddamn half-measure created by a whipped and neutered Nintendo."
How so? How is the Switch a half measure of any kind?

"what self-proclaimed "true gamers" want?"
The Switch isn't really what these imaginary people asked for. It's very much still a Nintendo console, trying to do something new. Just because it... what, lacks backwards compatibility, doesn't suddenly make it spit in the face of all that Nintendo stands for, as you're so eager to claim.

"I believed wholeheartedly in the Wii line and the philosophy of the Nintendo behind it. And recently I've watched it get @#$!ing stomped on."
Because... The Switch isn't called the Wii Thrii? Is this really your reason?

"If no one else is gonna get angry at the loss of that Nintendo, then I will." Fair enough. It's your battle


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