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I want to be optimistic. However, all I keep hearing people talk about are the the controls, IE the separated JoyCon controls when the system is docked. And I can't help but have flashbacks to how motions controls, in the eyes of most developers including Nintendo, "had" to be the default, "had" to be used for Wii. And how tacked on, forced motion controls like that, actually ruined many otherwise solid games.

The base Switch mode is portable, not docked, as far as I'm concerned. And when you're using it portably, unless you have it in "stand mode", you're not using the Joycon motion stuff. So I REALLY hope that Nintendo and other devs are not now encouraged, or even feel FORCED, to use tacked on motion controls again. It should be an OPTION, not the default.

One thing Wii U did right, was making it an option, and having "normal" controls go back to being the default. Except of course for games like Star Fox Zero, where Miyamoto insisted they use (bad) motion controls, which wound up being detrimental to the game and it's sales. I just want to play games. No focus on gimmicks. Just good games.


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