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Thu Feb 02 17 04:27am
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I'm mid 30's, parent of two young ones - ex lover of computer games (Amiga back in the day) I have only owned 2 Nintendos a game and watch and a GameCube - loved both.

I have just been pulled into this site and others like it by how exciting the idea of the switch is. So I think they've done a really good job of selling the prospect of the console. I will buy a Wii U for my eldest and take advantage of it's pretty sweet looking back catalogue (and Wii games) as a result of getting interested in Nintendo again (via Switch) - I wasn't even aware the Wii U was a proper console until recently.

Can't say I've ever used voice chat but I'm sure my kids will when they're old enough - thank you Nintendo for caring about protecting them online by the way. I think the idea of the app could be extremely useful if done right. I love the idea of the parent control app and that will be really attractive to my wife.

However I can't believe the way Nintendo have allowed the messaging around voice chat and the online aspects of the system so critical and beloved of young people (and not so young) to be so muddled. I get they want to keep people baited with new info building up to the launch. And maybe they're still finalising aspects of it - but please, Nintendo, put something out that puts the is it isn't it, does it doesn't it stuff to bed. I'm reasonably confident what they have up their sleeve is innovative and appropriate for their new idea of gaming but is all publicity really good publicity?